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Her caring and compassion for others became a model I wanted to emulate. As I grew older, I knew that I, too, wanted to be in a position to help others.

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I began to consider a career in medicine. Throughout my adolescence, the idea of a medical career took root.

Why should I be an RA?

When it came time to make a decision about college, I chose to pursue a career in medicine. I enrolled in Shippensburg University as a biology major and seemed set on a course that would lead to medical school. During my sophomore year, I was hired as a Resident Assistant, and I accepted the position for all of the wrong reasons: the pay check, the single room, the free meal plan, the close parking space, etc…Fate intervened, however, and an opportunity arose for me to spend a year studying abroad with the internationally known Up with People program.

This experience changed my life in ways I could not have imagined. I spent a lot of my time throughout that year in classrooms, daycare centers, homes for the elderly, homeless shelters, and soup kitchens interacting with people, spending time with them, and getting to know them. My experience with Up with People made me realize that there are many ways of helping people, and for the first time, I entertained the possibility of a career outside of the medical profession. This year, however, proved to be different.

I found the experience of working in residence life to be completely different than I had perceived it before. I realized that I had a unique opportunity to help people. I found myself being a role model, a listener, and an advisor, as well as an event coordinator, conflict mediator, police officer, tutor, caregiver, and medic. I discovered a way to educate the minds of others outside of the traditional classroom.

I was very successful in building a sense of community in my residence hall. I earned the respect of residents who felt comfortable coming to me to help with sensitive situations that they were experiencing. I soon realized that this was a profession that would give me the fulfillment and satisfaction that comes from helping others.

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By keeping a schedule of what I need to accomplish I am able to optimize my time in a way so that I can fulfill my responsibilities in a timely manner. Even with my vigorous work-ethic, I do believe that personal and social time is a necessity as well. I do not fear that a commitment to being a Resident Assistant will hinder my personal and social obligations so greatly that it would deter my interest in the position.

Give an example of a role model In your life and why they are that person for you. Being the oldest of 3 daughters, I have always held the responsibility of setting a good example for my younger sisters.

A Resident Assistant Essay Examples

I believe that the way I can be most influential in impacting the way my sisters live their lives by showing them through actions how I chose to live mine. I chose to lead n exemplary life with the hope that in doing so my sisters will learn how to live theirs. Leading by example is one way of showing that actions speak louder than words.

If I live admirably, then others will be more likely to follow my example so that is what I have always tried to do. People naturally flock to Brittany like a magnet.

To me she could do nothing wrong. I thought that Brittany had known some magical secret to life that allowed her to reach such success in all aspects of her life. I purposefully chose to live like she did by being faithful to my obligations and by being friendly, open and honest. Looking back on the impact Brittany had on shaping my life, I hope to be that to someone else. By living my life intentionally, I hope that others will follow suit.

Please talk about your experience with working with diverse groups of people and how you interact with others that are efferent from you in a community setting. Community is the difference between being and belonging. It is Just too easy to Just be a part of a group, but to feel like you belong to the group is far more meaningful.

To be a part of a community means that you are a part of group where inclusion, support and friendship are highly-regarded. The beauty about community is that everyone has their own gifts, talents, opinions and experiences to offer to it, therefore making each member valuable. As a Resident Assistant, I intend to create an inclusive community in which each person is accepted and encouraged regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual-orientation or ability.

Resident Assistant Application Essay

By promoting diversity in my community, I hope that everyone gains a sense of belonging. In my community, I will have an open mind and tolerant attitude and will encourage my residents to do the same.

USF Resident Assistant Application

Because understanding that no two residents are the same, I will conduct myself through equity. I will try to learn about my residents individually so if the ever require my help, I know how to successfully assist them. Duty shifts are 8 p.

The number of duty shifts per semester varies depending upon the size of your staff. You may be dismissed from employment if you fail to fulfill the requirements of the position, violate a policy or law, are insubordinate, are no longer a student at Clarke or fail to maintain the minimum semester GPA requirement.

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