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Average mean MCAT total score among all medical school matriculants i. There are very important conclusions we can make based on these data: Although the mean total MCAT score among all test takers is i. Moreover, the average MCAT score among successful applicants is trending upwards. Remember: Your MCAT score will be evaluated in the context of your other achievements when making admissions decisions. These data allow us to make additional important though somewhat unsurprising conclusions about the relation of GPA to MCAT scores, as well as how these numbers collectively predict admissions success to M.

While these conclusions provide great information about your admissions odds based on numbers alone, there are two additional questions that we need to answer:.

MCAT Average Correlates with Step 1 Score

How should your stats impact the number of M. In a previous article, we covered how to develop your specific medical school list to maximize admissions odds in depth. The primary purpose of this section, therefore, is to discuss the relative percentages of M. Assuming a good cumulative GPA i. Of course, you should shift these percentages depending on your GPA. Specifically, if your cumulative GPA is at or above a 3. On the other hand, if your cumulative GPA is at or below a 3.

Note: These suggestions assume that you prefer to attend an M. If that assumption does not hold true for you, please modify these percentages accordingly. Moreover, while M. If that is the case for schools on your list, you should also modify these suggested percentages accordingly.

Your MCAT score represents a foundational piece of your medical school applications.

However, while higher MCAT scores are associated with higher rates of medical school admissions success, they are evaluated in the context of your GPA, extracurricular achievements, letters of recommendation, and essays when determining whether or not to invite you for an interview. Still, understanding your admissions odds based on your MCAT score and taking an empirical approach to developing your school list is critical to maximizing your odds of getting in. I'll make sure to answer your questions within 24 hours and add some of them to this FAQ section to make it easier for other students to find this information.

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Answer: As with any well-constructed standardized test, the MCAT was developed to be reliable , meaning that scores from different administrations are unlikely to meaningfully vary under consistent conditions. In other words, your scores from two different test dates will probably be pretty close to one another unless the conditions under which you took the test change.

Some conditions that may meaningfully impact MCAT scores across different test dates include:. Barely studying for your first attempt but studying hard for 3 months for your second attempt. Experiencing a significant illness, panic attack, etc. Another consideration is significant variability in your section scores. Answer: The right question to ask is not whether there is a certain number of attempts that is considered to be too many, but rather at what point you should stop retaking the MCAT.

What is a good MCAT score?

The discrepancy we most routinely hear about is achieving a lower score on the Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills CARS section relative to the others. Answer: Once again, we unfortunately do not have data from the AAMC regarding how well cumulative vs. Answer: The same GPA from two different universities may carry a very different meaning to admissions committees.

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Although many institutions offer a very challenging premed curriculum, brand names matter. For instance, a 3. Whether or not this is fair is beyond the scope of this article, but we want to offer you the truth. We usually suggest a minimum of a three month interval between exams unless there are extenuating exam day circumstances as described above.

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Medical schools are accustomed to seeing multiple MCAT scores on an application. While some medical schools claim to average multiple MCAT scores or only look at the highest combined score, we find this is rarely the case. Medical schools will see all of your MCAT attempts and results. Three common exam patterns are described below:. About MedEdits. MedEdits helps students get admitted to medical school and residency programs.

Our consultants have years of experience serving on medical school admissions committees, and as faculty members at the top medical schools in the country.

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A MedEdits Guide. The average MCAT score is The average MCAT for applicants accepted to allopathic medical schools is The average MCAT for entering osteopathic medical students is The highest MCAT score one can earn is Schedule Your Consultation. The overall MCAT exam score is a sum of the four section scores and is reported from to with as midpoint of this range.

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What are some of the lowest average MCAT scores by medical school? What are some of the highest average MCAT scores by medical school? In a two year consecutive period, you can take the MCAT exam up to four times. Voids and no-shows count toward your lifetime limits. You can only be registered for one MCAT seat at a time.

She then takes the MCAT one last time and bumps her score. In this profile, the exam scores are likely to be averaged. In this profile, the student takes the MCAT twice.