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Transcripted credit may be earned at the high school, on-site at the postsecondary institution, through distance learning, or Internet courses. These courses may also be referred to as "technical college credit" or "dual credit" courses when they are taught by a high school teacher with Wisconsin Technical College System articulation Certification and an "articulation Agreement" between the high school and the technical college is on file.

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  8. Wisconsin's Youth Options Program allows public high school juniors and seniors who meet certain requirements to take postsecondary courses at a UW institution, a Wisconsin technical college, one of the state's participating private nonprofit institutions of higher education, or tribally controlled colleges. AP approved courses can count toward high school graduation and college credit. Under the Youth Options Program, a student does not pay for a college courses if the school board determines the course qualifies for high school credit and is not comparable to a course already offered in the school districts.

    If AP approved by the school board, the student can receive both high school and college credit upon successful completion of the course. For more information, see Wisconsin's Youth Options Programs. Skip to main content.

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    Cautions Variation in district course counts from year to year may be due to changes in district course offerings or changes in course data collected in the Course Offerings Report PI Courses listed in summaries for any given school year include only those courses for which data were required in that school year. In some cases, a course will be listed for a school year, and a district may have no data for that course because the district did not offer that course.

    In other cases, the course will not be listed for a school year, and the district will not have data for that course because the data for that course were not collected that year. Required Documents. Now Open: Enter the U. Green Card Lottery! Why Choose WES?

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    Fast Service We can complete your evaluation in seven business days after we receive and approve all your documents. Trusted Evaluations We have provided more than 1. Until this is done, the Course Director or Course Coordinator will automatically assume responsibility for the candidate. The Principal Supervisor has final responsibility for the decisions made by the supervisory team. The Executive Dean or delegated authority may also appoint a Co-supervisor from outside the University for example, from industry, the professions or another university or research establishment if appropriate.

    The results of this research are reported in a dissertation which may be either print or multi-media. The work must demonstrate an excellent contribution to professional practice, policy or knowledge.

    A candidate may include original raw data in an appendix if it:. A candidate wishing to submit such an electronic formatted appendix shall seek the permission of the Principal Supervisor prior to submission of the dissertation for examination. Candidates are to seek the advice of their Principal Supervisor in all such cases. Normally this should be done with the Principal Supervisor's agreement.

    Improving community college completion rates by addressing structural and motivational barriers

    One digital version shall be submitted to the University institutional repository, CRO. The statement shall not accompany the dissertation when it is sent to the examiners if the Executive Dean of Faculty allows the dissertation to be examined under clause The candidate is responsible for the cost of binding. If possible a digital copy of the representations should be in a format suitable for including in the University Institutional Research Output CRO. The eTheses Collection contains metadata which is electronically accessible via the Australian Digital Theses site; the full text will be available electronically in the eTheses Collection.

    Where a dissertation contains matters affecting national or industrial security, commercial-in-confidence content, culturally sensitive content, content which would breach privacy laws, or any other content which would pose a risk to the author, university, or any other third-party, the Executive Dean may restrict the circulation, copying and electronic access of the dissertation, upon considering a recommendation by the Sub-Dean or delegated authority based on a written request from the candidate.

    If there are restrictions on parts of the content, an abridged digital version edited by the candidate , excluding the restricted material will normally be made available.

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